GXZD - A series of automatic constant tension controller

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GXZD - A series of automatic constant tension controller

GXZD - A series of automatic constant tension controller
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Product Details

GXZD-C series high-precision automatic constant tension controller is designed for the printing press, which has two output bits of the duplex printing presses rolling to achieve pre-start automatically change axis, with automatic feeding and cutting output cut .


1, optional LCD display in Chinese or English

2 easy automatic and manual switch

3, the tension detector wiring is simple and convenient

4, convenient parameter setting

5, with duplex output for axis

6, with a duplex Pre-start output

7, and more easily communicate through the Modbus protocol machine management

Measurement accuracy


Sampling speed


The main output way

30V/0-1.5A×2Lk output after magnetic powder clutch or magnetic powder brake

Aux output

2 "DC 0-5V analogue signal output

Communication function

RS-485 But many sets of tension controller synchronization using

Shape dimension


Installation dimension


Electricity source

180 to 240V AC 50/60Hz

Due to design type manufacturing specifications are subject to change or size.

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